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Geophysics major



Since the 2006-2007 school year, if you wish to be a geophysicist, first you have to follow the studies of earth sciences at bachelor level. The aim of the BSc programme is two-fold: to educate practice oriented people in the field of earth sciences and also to provide a solid basis for the master level. Our ultimate goal is to educate highly qualified and well-trained experts with problem solving capability in the field of earth sciences and environmental physics.

In the first three-year period, besides the basics of maths and physics, subjects cover a broad spectrum of earth sciences, such as mineralogy, petrology, geography of the Carpathian-Pannonian region, evolution of the Earth and life on Earth, geology, meteorology, introduction to geophysics, geomorphology, hydrology, astronomy and geoinformatics. Master studies comprise high-level maths and physics and courses on pure and applied geophysics and geology.

After completing BSc studies, students obtain a degree in earth sciences and can apply for admission to a great number of MSc programmes: e.g. astronomy, geography, geology, geophysics, meteorology, cartography and geoinformatics. In the proposed MSc programme there is also possibilty to take courses on space research and remote sensing.

Postgraduate education in earth sciences is also available in the faculty.

People who obtained a degree in geophysics have always found their way in the job market. The most popular targets are oil companies, geological and geophysical research institutes in Hungary and abroad, multinational IT companies or increasing number of small- and middle-scale enterprises.