Atlas of the present-day geodynamics of the Pannonian basin:

Euroconform maps with explanatory text




OTKA registration number: T034928


Project leader:
Frank Horváth (Dept. of Geophysics, ELTE)


Scientific editors:
Frank Horváth and Gábor Bada (Dept. of Geophysics, ELTE)


Technical editor:
Gábor Windhoffer (Dept. of Geophysics, ELTE)


László Csontos (Dept. of Geology, ELTE)
Péter Dövényi (Dept. of Geophysics, ELTE)
László Fodor (Hungarian Geological Institute)
Gyula Grenerczy (FÖMI Satellite Geodetic Observatory)
Ferenc Síkhegyi (Hungarian Geological Institute)
Péter Szafián (Dept. of Geophysics, ELTE)
Balázs Székely (Dept. of Geophysics, ELTE)
Gábor Timár (Dept. of Geophysics, ELTE)
László Tóth (HAS Geodetic and Geophyisical Research Institute)
Tamás Tóth (Geomega Ltd.)



In the framework of a national project supported by the Hungarian Science Foundation (T034928), we have constructed a geodynamic map series of the Pannonian basin and the surrounding mountain belt. Various geo-information of neotectonic significance have been collected and transformed into a uniform GIS system.


As a consequence of the continuously expanding knowledge about the Pannonian region, systematic integration and interpretation of various data have been performed. The end product of the project is the geodynamic map series of the Pannonian region in a scale of 1:1500000, which consists of the following 11 thematic maps and corresponding explanatory text covering the same geographic area (approx. form 13°E-44°N to 28°E-51°N):

• High-resolution digital elevation model and index map
• Crustal and lithospheric thickness maps
• Heat flow map
• Bouguer anomaly map
• Map of seismicity
• Recent stress and rheology
• Map of morphostructural elements
• Map of neotectonic (active) structures
• Map of GPS velocity field of lateral displacement and vertical displacement trends
• Map of present-day geodynamics: synthesis


Following the first successful presentation of a comprehensive map series for the area (ROYDEN & HORVÁTH, 1988), the authors offer this new map series for consideration, use and improvement of the international scientific community.


We hope that the map series will generate contributions from different research teams from various countries in order to improve the quality of the available maps. Furthermore, we believe that quite a few additional maps (e.g. Miocene tectonics, magnetic anomaly, etc.) can be easily constructed for the benefit of the European research community. A fair and manageable working mechanism will be soon elaborated to perform this ambitious and co-operative scientific venture.


The maps of the Atlas are currently available only with Hungarian legend at a relatively low resolution (see below). Upon request, we can provide the English version with bigger size and/or better resolution. Please send an e-mail to Gabor Bada (bada@ludens.elte.hu) with a detailed specification of your request (which map, resolution, etc.).





• High-resolution digital elevation model

• Index map

• Crustal thickness


• Lithospheric thickness


• Heat flow


• Bouguer anomaly


• Seismicity

• Recent stress and rheology


• Morphostructural elements


•Neotectonic (active) structures


• GPS velocity field of lateral displacement and vertical displacement trends


• Present-day geodynamics: synthesis