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Recently completed major projects of Dept. of Geophysics:

Project title Reg.number Starting/Closing year Principal investigator
Atlas of the present-day geodynamics of the Pannonian basin euroconform map series and explanatory text T034928 2001-2004 Frank Horváth
Paleoenvironments of the Lake Balaton area TS044765 2003-2006 Péter Márton
Correlation of volcanic horizons in northern Hungary using paleomagnetism T043737 2003-2006 Péter Márton
Role of neotectonics in the morphotectonic development of the Hungarian Mid-Mountains F043715 2003-2006 Gábor Bada
Theoretical models in penetration sounding methods T043748 2003-2006 Dezső Drahos
Thermal studies related to the proposed disposal of low- and intermediate-level radioactive wastes in the vicinity of Üveghuta - 2003 Frank Horváth
Geothermal Power Project (ALTENER) - 2003-2005 Péter Dövényi
Processing and interpretation of the magnetic measurements of Oersted T038008 2002-2005 Károly Kis
Development of penetration sounding methods and equipments in engineering geophysics - 2002-2004 Péter Salát
The use of horizontal gravity gradients in the modern three-dimensional gravity model calculations D034598 2002-2003 Péter Szafián
European Doctoral Training Centre for Sedimentary Basin Studies (EUROBASIN) - 2002-2005 Frank Horváth
Study of heat production of neogene volcanic rocks from Hungary F034873 2001-2004 László Lenkey
Study of Hungary’s seismotectonically most active area: evaluation of a geodynamical model FKFP 0153/2000 2000-2002 Frank Horváth
Complex quality controlled geophysical investigation of dams and geological environments - 2001-2004 Péter Salát
Study of environmental effects using magnetic characteristics of sedimentary rocks with Fe-sulphides T029805 1999-2002 Péter Márton
Thermal convection in the Earth’s interior T026630 1998-2001 László Cserepes
Investigation of regional underground water systems T026633 1998-2001 Dezső Drahos
Inversion of gravity and magnetic datasets T025799 1998-2001 Károly Kis
Application of rock mechanics based research methods in global and regional scale geophysical models and interpretations FKFP 0175/1997 1997-2000 Attila Meskó


Current major projects of Dept. of Geophysics:

Project title Reg.number Starting/Closing year Principal investigator
TECTOP-Hungary Ongoing deformation pattern and tectonic topography in Hungary:
Active structures, seismotectonic habitat, river network development and dynamics of basin inversion
NK60445 2006 Horváth Ferenc
Role of supply in lacustrine sequences:
The case of the Pannonian basin
- 2005 Horváth Ferenc
ENGINE - ENhanced Geothermal Innovative Network for Europe EU 3349/06 2006 Horváth Ferenc
4D Topography Evolution in Europe: Uplift, Subsidence and Sea Level Change - The Geoscience of Coupled Deep Earth - Surface Processes
- 2005 Bada Gábor